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So, you’ve had a baby. Well done. You’ve welcomed a beautiful, brand new human onto this planet of ours. You’ve passed at least part of your genetic code down to the next generation. You bloody legend. So, now the question is, what do you actually with this wriggling carbon-based life form? Besides loving it, feeding it, nurturing it and generally treating it with the respect due to another sentient human being, here are three alternative uses for babies, that’ll help ensure that your baby sparks joy, and boosts productivity in your life from day one.

  1. A door stop.


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So you want to learn a new language, huh? Good for you, champ. Here are four tips to help you along your way. Bonne chance!

  1. Smash that vocab, like there’s no tomorrow.

As Akil rapped in the Jurassic 5 classic ‘Quality Control’, you Wise words, Akil. Wise words. He’s really advising more on matters of lyrical dexterity than learning a new language, but the principle applies all the same. Words are the bread and butter of languages. So learn them. This isn’t complicated. Just learn dem words. …

I made a pledge to myself this year, I promised that I would,

Write a post on every Tuesday, whether or not it’d be any good,

On my very shoddy website, upon which I host my words,

Which concern a range of topics that might scintillate some nerds,

But more likely will be simply left to rot in obsolescence,

Like the produce of so many other digital web-peasants

Who, like me, labour over words that mayn’t see the light of day,

But join me, fellow peasants, in a chorus cry of ‘Hey!

Who gives a flying monkeys whether or not we’re being read,

We write because we want to, so knock it on the head.’

I made a pledge to myself this year, every Tuesday I would write,

Something, , so please forgive this pile of shite.

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Want to learn to code? Smart move. Coding is one of the most valuable skills in the 21st century economy. The technology sector is growing and, simply put, the number of jobs outnumbers the number of people who can do them. Teaching yourself to code can be the ticket to a new career, or to improving your career, or simply a way to expand your mind, and challenge your existing ways of approaching problems.

Anyway, let’s assume that you do want to learn to code. The million dollar question, then, is how? …

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This might seem like a redundant thing to write about. After all, Jesus makes it very clear in Matthew’s Gospel that ‘this then, is how you should pray’. After these words, he recounts the words of the prayer now known as the Lord’s Prayer, which is recited in countless homes and churches across the globe, everyday.

And yet a blog post like this, explaining to pray the Lord’s Prayer would certainly have been instructive to me, when first considering these things. So it may be instructive to you, too.

The prerequisites

Firstly, there are a few things that Jesus…

Learning is rad. Who doesn’t enjoy learning something new? Who wouldn’t wish to learn a second/third/fourth language, or the timeline of key events in the Battle of Hastings? If such a person exists, I don’t want to meet him.

But learning can be hard. Hence, learning hacks. In this article I will outline three learning hacks that have helped me to hone my learning ability, and will help you to hone yours too. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Spaced Repetition

To understand what spaced repetition is, and why it is so effective, it’s helpful to…

Over the past three years, my wife and I have spent many hours driving through the Kenyan countryside. We have been living in Kenya since 2018, working in a school. And one of the great things about working in a school is that you get school holidays. Booyah. Hence, we have been fortunate enough to take a number of road trips around Kenya in our time here.

Anyway. That’s slightly beside the point. The real point is that we have spent approximately one butt-tonne worth of hours in the car, together. So the question is, how do you fill the…

What language do computers speak?

CS Blog 2/52

Computers don’t understand English. Or french, Urdu or Toki Pona for that matter. They only understand numbers. Or to be more specific about it, they only understand zeroes and ones. Or to be even more specific about it, they only really understand something being either ‘on’ or ‘off’, thereby represented by a zero or a one. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The language that computers speak is the language of binary. “What is binary?”, I hear you say. Well, allow me to wow you with my ridiculously in-depth knowledge on the…

CS Blog 1/52

Computer science is the science of computers. Duh. But let’s break it down a little further. What does it mean to do ? What separates science from other academic disciplines? It makes sense (I guess?) to talk of computer science, but we don’t think of the study of, say, literature as being literature science. Nor would we likely replace the term ‘theatre studies’ with ‘theatre science’ anytime soon.

So what gives? What is science all about? What does it mean to surreptitiously add the word ‘science’ to the ass of a word like ‘computer’? The answer is…

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