I made a pledge to myself this year, I promised that I would,

Write a post on every Tuesday, whether or not it’d be any good,

On my very shoddy website, upon which I host my words,

Which concern a range of topics that might scintillate some nerds,

But more likely will be simply left to rot in obsolescence,

Like the produce of so many other digital web-peasants

Who, like me, labour over words that mayn’t see the light of day,

But join me, fellow peasants, in a chorus cry of ‘Hey!

Who gives a flying monkeys whether or not we’re being read,

We write because we want to, so knock it on the head.’

I made a pledge to myself this year, every Tuesday I would write,

Something, anything, so please forgive this pile of shite.



Will Mortimore

Will Mortimore

Interested in technology, education, philosophy, theology. You know. Stuff like that. https://willmortimore.com/